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Who we are

A group of ordinary people. We are concerned about high-control groups, therapy cults, and MLMs, that use coercive control over their members, sometimes to life-destroying ends.

We do not engage in doxing: all identifying information posted on this site is available in the public domain.

All facts are evidenced or clearly marked as the personal experience or opinion of the writer.

We make no comment on whether coaching and mentoring organisations are good or bad.

We believe it's okay to question, to critique, to wonder. It's okay to stand out from the group, to disagree with your 'leader', to ask for proof, to think "I'm not sure this is for me".




It's NOT okay to be bullied, shamed, and threatened; it's not okay to be coerced and extorted, and it's not okay to use a person's worries, fears and hope against them.


Are you a current or past member or investor in Lighthouse International Group?

Perhaps you purchased "mentorship", "coaching", or "counselling"?

Or perhaps you invested significant amounts of money to become an "Associate" or "Associate Elect",

ahead of a "big launch"? 

Was your experience positive? Did the "big launch" happen?

Or was it a negative experience, with no return on your investment?

Please let us know – any information is welcome.

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