Help & Support

It's okay to leave a group.

Professional Support

We encourage survivors and current members of all high-control groups and cults to seek advice, guidance and support from licensed professionals (BACP registered in the UK or the IAPT via the, or the APA in the US).

Scam Busting

If you believe you've been part of an MLM-like scam, or paid monies via undue influence, contact Action Fraud

in the UK.

Further Resources

If you want further information on cults, go to the Cult Information Centre based in the UK; it's an excellent resource and we wholeheartedly recommend it. Dare to Doubt, another excellent online resource. Encourage Survivors of Cults and Abuse.

If you are in crisis and just need someone to talk to, please contact The Samaritans.

If you wish to share your own experience with Lighthouse, have information to share, or have any questions, comments, or corrections regarding any of our content, please contact us directly at