Fair-minded fact-checking of Lighthouse International Group's claims

Waugh's business and mentoring success

Lighthouse International Group CEO Paul Waugh states that he moved from South Africa to his native UK in 1998 and that he is the “founder of numerous businesses” in SA with “vast experience”.


This is important if members are asked to trust LIG with huge investments of money, time, and emotion.

We haven’t yet found evidence of these businesses – if you know of any, do let us know.

As the CEO of Lighthouse Group International, an "advanced-level senior executive" and "global social entrepreneur", with decades of experience, we would expect Paul Waugh to have some sort of online presence, however minor, detailing awards, high profile clients, meetings, affiliations, board positions, speaking engagements, group photos, profiles, interviews, press, Facebook check-ins, etc.


This is important if Paul Waugh purports to be a mentor to celebrities or successful people in the upper echelons of global industry and education, and is using these connections and experience to encourage members to invest in Lighthouse.

We haven’t yet found any evidence whatsoever of Paul Waugh's success as a high-level mentor anywhere online – if you know of any, do let us know.

Lighthouse Kidz

Lighthouse Kidz is overseen by Jai Singh, Lighthouse Associate Member, and onetime member of FranklinWaugh.

Lighthouse Kidz is declared as a Community Interest Company (rather than a charity which is more firmly regulated) and states membership to the CIC Association, and Social Enterprise UK.

We contacted Social Enterprise UK and they confirmed Lighthouse Kidz is NOT a member and will be looking into why it us using its old branding on its site.

We haven’t yet found evidence Lighthouse Kidz is a member of CIC Association. If you know of any, do let us know. 

What does it do? It’s… vague. They say they exist for “Young People – To get the support they desperately need…” and “To help adults become more effective…”. On LinkedIn their profile states they offer mentoring and support. Other than a one-off football game, years ago, we have found nothing in the public domain, on any social media platform, that this organisation has ever completed a charitable act, event, or meeting, or successfully administered mentoring or support to children or adults.


This is important if members are asked to trust LIG with its purported socially-positive works.

We haven’t yet found evidence community interest actions undertaken by Lighthouse Kidz. If you know of any, do let us know.

The big 3-year study

On its site, Lighthouse talks about the efforts in setting up these past projects, especially a “three-year study” (also referred to a “two-year study”) with “3000 businesses” before incorporating these two companies – a huge undertaking.


This is important if members are asked to trust LIG is built on proper market research.

We haven’t yet found evidence of this study, or the 3000 companies that took part – if you know of any, do let us know.

The Eclub's massive membership and events programme

When Lighthouse's "The Eclub" was founded it was declared a Community Interest Company which might explain why its accounts were dormant, with no recorded remuneration for any of the leadership team.


But in 2011, then director Tess Nash stated that the company had “continued to expand” with “strong continued support” and that year held “many regular talks and seminars” and “individually tailored support sessions”.


In fact, Lighthouse say by 2011 The Eclub had more than 2000 members.


This is important if members are asked to trust LIG leadership has had huge success in the past.

We haven’t yet evidence of these events or the organisation’s 2000+ members – if you know of any, do let us know.