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Members Only! Some Big Questions, Part 1


Are you a member of Lighthouse International Group? Or involved in its projects The Legends Network or Lighthouse Kidz?

Perhaps you’re an Associate or an Associate Elect? Maybe you're working from home or living in one of Lighthouse International Group’s share houses?

Well, here are some questions! These are things you’ve probably already thought very very deeply about yourself and are perhaps satisfied with the answers you’ve already sought. If so, that’s great! But if you have a tiny doubt, or if some small detail doesn’t sit right with you, or you’re just interested for the heck of it (ie “ugh, what are they on about now??”) perhaps these questions might be worth looking at? They’re only questions after all!

Is it important to you how “successful” your mentor is?

As of August 2021, a number of LIG mentors have unpaid County Court Judgements against them. It’s just a fact. Some are for just a few hundred pounds, others are for more – and one is in the many thousands. Most date back to 2018. It’s a matter of public record and the documents are easily obtained. Why not have a look yourself? It only costs about a tenner on

Lots of people fall into debt and it’s sometimes really hard to get out of it. But, should mentors or coaches – who are advising others how to live successful lives – be in such a situation? Is your mentor in debt? If so, did they get in debt while working with Lighthouse International Group? Would you feel confident in asking them? Or maybe you think that's fine and seriously nothing to worry about and "just drop it, will you?" If so, that’s cool!

Does it worry you that Lighthouse International Group is in debt?

As of August 2021, Lighthouse International Group also has an unpaid County Court Judgement against it as an organisation. Now, lots of organisations have debts and many really struggle with cashflow. This one’s from 27 June 2019, before any of that negative online chatter started. This probably isn’t news to you and we imagine you’re okay with it. If so, no problemo.

Actually, does it concern you that Lighthouse International Group, Lighthouse Kidz, etc has a growing amount of negative chatter online?

Perhaps you’ve read some of the testimonies of ex-members? Perhaps you think these claims aren’t real? It’s all lies, etc! Or perhaps the people writing them have a big grudge against LIG? Do you ever wonder if all or just some of these posts might, just might, have something to them? Or, perhaps you’re completely and positively sure every single word is 100% false – if so, no worries!

Why hasn’t the big project launched?

Lighthouse International Group has been going for more than a decade – with Lighthouse Kidz and Legends Network for almost as long – but it just doesn’t seem to have had any truly substantial success. Even with all those hours and hours of hard work – the long long conference calls, the many mentoring sessions, all that listening and transcribing.

Ex-members tell us about many past projects over the years that sadly didn’t make it over the line due to some unforeseen delay. Sometimes it’s a brand new site, sometimes it’s a book – or series of books – or maybe a BIG research project? This, of course, can happen in any organisation. And yes, perhaps that big project will launch “any day now?” If you’re okay with this and are confident it’ll all turn good ASAP and this time next year you'll all be millionaires (Only Fools and Horses ref), that’s fine!

Why have you chosen an unregulated organisation in which to invest time, emotion, and – potentially – many thousands of pounds?

If you want to be a counsellor or mentor, why not take a recognised course with a professional body? One that an insurer might recognise? This would keep you legally safe – and your mentee safe, too! Plus, there’s a tough ethical framework which is to everyone’s benefit. It’s a win-win!

So, why doesn’t LIG seem to offer this? If a friend came to you and said: “I’m thinking I’ll either go to university and get a recognised qualification that employers will accept OR take out a loan to invest in an unregulated mentoring organisation, through which I’ll get no recognisable qualification,” which would you suggest? And what would the average person in the street suggest? You’ve probably thought extremely carefully about this and are very happy with your decision, thank you very much. If so, no problem!

Are you really into all the religious stuff?

When they’re not name-checking David Attenborough for some reason, those hours and hours and hours of talks often get pretty Jesus-y, amirite? Perhaps it’s incredibly resonant for you and you’re very very big on Jesus, if so, you’re clearly in the right place!

Does it concern you that a number of people have left Lighthouse International Group in the last few months?

Perhaps you think they were bad apples and good riddance to all that! But, do you ever wonder why they left? Why didn’t LIG work out for them? Why are others planning to leave? Why are they so unhappy? Actually, are you happy? (Sorry, that last question was a bit existential).

Finally (and thanks for reading this far by the way!), isn’t it time you call your family?

Or your best mate? Or partner? Come on!! We know they can be truly annoying and really "don't get it" but jeez! Why do none of you call your mums and dads? They would absolutely LOVE to hear from you!! As would your siblings, your old friends and co-workers. Perhaps these inspirational words from one of the world’s greatest living poets will nudge you over the line:

Family is family, in church or in prison

You get what you get, and you don't get to pick 'em

They might smoke like chimneys, but give you their kidneys

Yeah, friends come in handy, but family is family

Kacey Musgraves, 'Family is Family'

Until next time! xx

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