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Does Lighthouse’s Big Legal Team Actually Exist?

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

In the past few weeks, some LIG members have contacted their families and friends to warn them that Lighthouse’s big legal team are about to swoop in and bring those posting their personal experiences of the organisation on sites like Reddit to justice.

This news has been received positively by the growing group of ex-members who are all ready and willing to tell their stories – and they’re more than happy to go on record.

But, as far as we know, no legal letters have been sent out, no one has been formally contacted, and the grounds under which Lighthouse could be seeking to prosecute anyone is unclear.

It's... confusing.

With a number of unpaid County Court Judgements lodged against some LIG senior members (a matter of public record with documents easily available via and one unpaid County Court Judgement against Lighthouse itself (again, a matter of public record), the implication is that a costly legal service might be far out of reach for the organisation and its senior team. (ie wouldn’t LIG settle its debts first?)

It begs the question: does this big legal team actually exist?

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